Situated on the island of Kauai, Coconut Style is a small, local brand, bringing a colorful, new direction to Hawaiian design.

We’ve taken the simple things of Hawaii and blended them into a line of exclusive clothing. Styles with a relaxed feel, rich colors and easy textures. Originality with an innate freedom that reflects our island way of life.

Color comes naturally to Hawaii and is an essential part of everything we make. Dyes from India, Indonesia, China and Germany, are all mixed by hand allowing us an incredible range of colors.

Our relaxed textures have a comfortable, casual elegance. Soft silk blends, cotton wash and high quality rayons, are all hand painted in beautiful tropical motifs, reflecting the gentle influence of the Islands.

Absolutely everything is made by hand, giving our designs an inherent quality and simplicity not found anywhere else.

Coconut Style clothing, handcrafted for a singular experience.

With Aloha,