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—  ABOUT  —

Situated on the island of Kauai, Coconut Style is a small, local brand, bringing a colorful, new direction to Hawaiian design.


We've taken the simple things of Hawaii and blended them into a line of exclusive designs. Styles with a relaxed feel and easy textures. Originality with an innate freedom that reflects our island way of life.

Color comes naturally to Hawaii and is an essential part of everything we make. Dyes are all mixed by hand, allowing us an incredible range of colors.

The inspiration for our designs happen in my mind, but they can only come alive in Bali, where centuries old techniques bring them to life, creating something that's authentic, yet contemporary for today's visitors.

Absolutely everything is made by hand, giving our work an essential quality and simplicity not found anywhere else.

Handcrafted for a singular experience.

With Aloha,
Mark Stroh – Owner